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What are people saying about The Energize Zone!

At The Energize Zone you always have this guarantee, Coach Ken will take what ever time that is needed to help you with your personal one on one wellness coaching and this will never cost you a dime! You will always get a wellness profile FREE and you will never be charged or denied for this profile evaluation whether if it is the first one or the 100th one. My job is never done until you have reached your goals or unless you give up on yourself, I WILL NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU!

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me feel good about myself.  Energize Zone and it's coaches are awesome.  Since I have been coming to Energize Zone I have been able to gain new friends, build my self-esteem and make positive changes to my health and body.  Before I started boot camp 7 weeks ago I was drinking over a 12 pack a soda a day, now I have one periodically.  I have been able to lose weight, inches, have more energy, feel good about myself and what I see in the mirror.  I have been a member at various gyms and always dreading going and had to push myself to go and workout.  I look forward to waking up in morning and heading down to get a great work out in.  I get great support from you, the coaches and my peers.  I feel like part of a family with Energize Zone.   
Thank you, Lori 

August 2nd 2012 a day I will never forget, a friend of mine had joined a weight loss challenge through a company called the Energize zone.  They were starting a new challenge and she encouraged me to try.  Best decision I have made in a long time.  What an outstanding experience this is, I say “this is” because I do not ever see myself wanting to stop.  It was an 8 week challenge that we were offered an hour of new and exciting workouts, along with an hour of nutrition education.  One would think they really know how they should eat and what foods to avoid, but deep down most people myself included have no idea about real nutrition.  I still do not know everything, however in 8 short weeks I have learned enough  to know I want  to learn even more.   The work outs with complete strangers you would think could be nerve racking, on the very first day everyone in the class was so positive and encouraging. When you feel like you cannot do anymore you find the strength to keep going.  Positive comments go along way and there is never a lack of them here.  The friendships I have created are just an added bonus to the list of things I have taken from this experience.  I am more confident in myself and the decisions I am making towards a healthy life style.   I firmly believe I have found the solution to getting healthy and keeping the weight off Permanently.  The energy that I get from using the Herbalife Products and incorporating healthy eating habits in my every day routine is amazing.  I don’t want to just sit on the couch every night anymore,  I want to keep “moving”.  I am grateful for the opportunity that was presented to me by my friend and I look forward to the up and coming weight loss and body transformation challenges to come.  This is an opportunity for everyone to take advantage of and I look forward to meeting you at the next Challenge! Lana 
----- I was the laziest person in the world – tired all the time, overweight, no exercise, and very unhealthy eating habits. Eight weeks ago, I joined a body transformation challenge at the Energize Zone and in such a short time it has changed my life in so many ways – I am getting in shape and have lost 20 pounds, I have learned how to eat right and I exercise daily, I have so much energy, I can walk for miles and run up a flight of stairs without getting winded, I eat healthy and no longer crave junk food or sweets, and I have met some great new friends and very supportive people. The aloe, tea, and smoothies give you so much energy and are delicious! I love my new healthy lifestyle and can’t wait for the next class to start! Karen
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